March 2015

Tweet Me Up!

Partners: Rafael Kendy, Elena DiCecco, Andross Moonah

HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, JPlayer, Twitter API, Text to Speech API, Arduino, Processing

Tweet Me Up is a mobile application that acts as a personalized alarm clock. The app pairs with its own docking station that holds the user's phone at night. When the alarm sounds, the base lights up. It utilizes Twitter's API by fetching searched hashtags and pushing the found data back through the application. A user will choose a desired wake up time along with a hashtag they wish to wake up to. When the user presses the "set" button, an alert will appear informing them that the alarm was set. When the alarm sounds all the recent tweets containing the searched hashtag will be read aloud.

A prototype of the base was made out of a wood cylinder which fits the arduino UNO and a NeoPixel Ring from Adafruit. This base was meant to sit beside a user's bedside and the user will be able to place it on top of the base while they sleep. When the alarm sounds, the NeoPixel will light up in a smoothing pulse as the phone begins to read the tweets using the API.