January 2013

Guardian Portable Light Concept

User Research, Concept Development, Sketching, Prototyping, User Testing, Solidworks, Keyshot Rendering, CNC Machining, Modeling

Recreational caving is an activity that is widely popular throughout the United States and Canada. Designed specifically for cave tour guides, this extendable light can be used as a flashlight in its compressed form. Additionally, it can expand to a longer, thinner form that can be used to direct, interact, connect, and alert others. Compared to a standard lantern, the handle orientation and the long thin form can easily be passed to another person, and can point too or guide others in smaller environments. Light the way towards discovery.

After sketching, prototyping, and conducting generative research, I created a final prototype. I modeled it using Solidworks and then produced two halves of the main base by using a CNC machine. The two halves were then glued together with two pieces of arcylic plastic in the middle that were lazer cut to size. Once the model was complete, it was sanded and then painted using a spray gun. The yellow colour was chosen so that the user would be able to easily identify it in environments with less light. Orthographic drawings and various renderings were also produced to accompany the final 'look-alike' model.